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  • author ( 70, man | Bonner Springs, KS, USA )

    get together at a local public place that is quiet, where we can talk w/o being overpowered or overheard, where few kids are and noise. daytime is great, all the better to see each other with !

  • author ( 58, man | South Bend, IN, USA )

    My first date idea Something casual, no/low pressure. Somewhere you're comfortable and things can be relaxed and get to know each other... lunch and ... Cooking a meal and drinks by a fire on the deck after. Nothing bett...  see more >>

  • author ( 65, man | Chico, CA, USA )

    Knock on your door, you answer in full leather. I walk in, you walk over to your sofa, sit down and spread your legs and say, "get to work." Soon you ask for a beer, I get up, get you a six pack and I park myse...  see more >>

  • author ( 53, man | Phoenix, AZ, USA )

    Meet for coffee! I have an addiction to Starbucks..then if you're up for it, a bike ride .... smooth and easy for the beginner or up to the twisties for the adventurous. I like meeting new people and I'm a good conversat...  see more >>

  • author ( 57, woman | Hanover, PA, USA )

    Talk about our likes and spend time enjoying each others company.if possable.I am easy to get along with.Or should I say I will not judge someone because they enjoy something I do not.ZI do like country music.I am not a...  see more >>

  • author ( 71, man | Nehalem, OR, USA )

    I don't think of it as a "First Date" at all. I think of it as a "First Meeting." If there is a connection, then we'll know it. Then we can work into a "First Date!" If there isn't a good co...  see more >>

  • author ( 56, man | Brussels, Netherlands )

    With or without the bikes, a nice conversation, a drink (non-alcoholic if I/we are riding), relaxed, ...

  • author ( 44, man | Swink, CO, USA )

    Just about anything goes, can go for a ride, throw back some cold ones, get something to eat, go to the bar, whatever works.

  • author ( 70, man | Bluff Dale, TX, USA )

    Dinner, lunch or a ride on a nice day. Someplace quiet in order to get to know each other!! Maybe a month alone with Salma Hayek in a log cabin in Colorado or the Black Hills!!!

  • author ( 63, man | Myrtle Beach, SC, USA )

    It could be a first date or just to make a new friend. No pressure, just fun to meet and see if we connect. Dinner, drinks or just a nice ride together would be fine. Up for about anything.....

  • author ( 68, woman | La Plata Maryland, MD, USA )

    Take a ride to whatever destination we decide upon. Hopefully it includes a stop to get coffee or lunch where we know one amother. At the end of the ride we will warranted. If it is a kiss...  see more >>

  • author ( 60, woman | Hamilton, OH, USA )

    How about a ride through the state park, sit on a picnic table finding out more about each other and looking over the lake. Grab lunch at an small out the way diner and see how we click.

  • author ( 64, woman | Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CAN )

    Any thing from a nice ride, to a walk on the beach. I'm a coffee girl so coffee or lunch would be great.

  • author ( 52, man | Laramie, WY, USA )

    Not sure depends on what we have in common and how much time we're willing to commit to the 1st Date.

  • author ( 49, man | Houston, TX, USA )

    Meet at a some place like Dave and Busters. See how good you are at whack a mole or skee ball. Then we can plan a ride.